[ krohk ]
/ kroʊk /

verb (used without object)

verb (used with object)

to utter or announce by croaking.
Slang. to kill.


the act or sound of croaking.

Origin of croak

1550–60; earlier croke, probably imitative; compare Old English cræcetian (of a raven) to croak

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British Dictionary definitions for croak


/ (krəʊk) /


(intr) (of frogs, crows, etc) to make a low, hoarse cry
to utter (something) in this mannerhe croaked out the news
(intr) to grumble or be pessimistic
  1. (intr) to die
  2. (tr) to kill


a low hoarse utterance or sound

Derived Forms

croaky, adjectivecroakily, adverbcroakiness, noun

Word Origin for croak

Old English crācettan; related to Old Norse krāka a crow; see creak
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