verb Australian slang

(tr) to spoildon't crool your chances
crool someone's pitch to spoil an opportunity for someone

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Examples from the Web for crool

Historical Examples of crool

  • I wish this crool war was over, an' we'd get back to canteen.

  • His hair was gray, an' so was his pointed beard, an' he was crool thin.

  • "B-b-beating my wings against the crool b-b-bars," said Berry.

    Berry And Co.

    Dornford Yates

  • I wish this crool war was over an' we'd get back to canteen.

    Life's Handicap

    Rudyard Kipling

  • That bhoy was jist dishtracted wid the crool paice, that goes aff philanderin wid the Shivel Sharvice shape av a Lamb.

    Two Knapsacks

    John Campbell