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Origin of crop

before 900; Middle English, Old English: “sprout, ear of wheat (or other grain), paunch, crown of a tree”; cognate with German Kropf; see croup2

Related formscrop·less, adjectivenon·crop, adjectiveun·cropped, adjectivewell-cropped, adjective

Synonym study

1. Crop, harvest, produce, yield refer to the return in food obtained from land at the end of a season of growth. Crop, the term common in agricultural and commercial use, denotes the amount produced at one cutting or for one particular season: the potato crop. Harvest denotes either the time of reaping and gathering, or the gathering, or that which is gathered: the season of harvest; to work in a harvest; a ripe harvest. Produce especially denotes household vegetables: Produce from the fields and gardens was taken to market. Yield emphasizes what is given by the land in return for expenditure of time and labor: There was a heavy yield of grain this year. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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the produce of cultivated plants, esp cereals, vegetables, and fruit
  1. the amount of such produce in any particular season
  2. the yield of some other farm producethe lamb crop
a group of products, thoughts, people, etc, appearing at one time or in one seasona crop of new publications
the stock of a thonged whip
short for riding crop
  1. a pouchlike expanded part of the oesophagus of birds, in which food is stored or partially digested before passing on to the gizzard
  2. a similar structure in insects, earthworms, and other invertebrates
the entire tanned hide of an animal
a short cropped hairstyleSee also Eton crop
a notch in or a piece cut out of the ear of an animal
the act of cropping

verb crops, cropping or cropped (mainly tr)

to cut (hair, grass, etc) very short
to cut and collect (mature produce) from the land or plant on which it has been grown
to clip part of (the ear or ears) of (an animal), esp as a means of identification
(also intr) to cause (land) to bear or (of land) to bear or yield a cropthe land cropped well
(of herbivorous animals) to graze on (grass or similar vegetation)
photog to cut off or mask unwanted edges or areas of (a negative or print)
See also crop out, crop up

Word Origin for crop

Old English cropp; related to Old Norse kroppr rump, body, Old High German kropf goitre, Norwegian kröypa to bend

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