/ (ˈkrɒtəl) /

  1. Scot any of various lichens used in dyeing wool, esp for the manufacture of tweeds

Origin of crotal

Gaelic crotal

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How to use crotal in a sentence

  • My father seemed to age perceptibly, reflecting on his companion gone, and he clung to me like the crotal to the stone.

    John Splendid | Neil Munro
  • Too much crotal will make the wool a dark red brown, but a very pretty terra cotta red can be got.

    Vegetable Dyes | Ethel M. Mairet
  • Thereafter, on cushioned beds were repasts, long and savorous, eaten to the sound of crotal and of flute.

  • It is better, however, to get the shade by altering the quantity of crotal used.

    Vegetable Dyes | Ethel M. Mairet