a glass bottle, especially one for holding vinegar, oil, etc., for the table.

Origin of cruet

1250–1300; Middle English < Anglo-French, equivalent to Old French cru(i)e pitcher (< Frankish *krūka; compare Old English crūce pot) + -et -et Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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a small container for holding pepper, salt, vinegar, oil, etc, at table
a set of such containers, esp on a stand
Christianity either of a pair of small containers for the wine and water used in the Eucharist
Australian a slang word for head (def. 1)
do one's cruet Australian slang to be extremely angry; go into a rage

pl n

Australian slang the testicles

Word Origin for cruet

C13: from Anglo-French, diminutive of Old French crue flask, of Germanic origin; compare Old Saxon krūka, Old English crūce pot
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Word Origin and History for cruet

"small glass bottle for vinegar, oil, etc.," c.1300, Anglo-French diminutive of Old French crue "an earthen pot," from Frankish *kruka or some other Germanic source (cf. Old High German kruog); related to crock.

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