[ kruhch ]
/ krʌtʃ /


verb (used with object)

to support on crutches; prop; sustain.

Origin of crutch

before 900; Middle English crucche, Old English cryce (oblique crycce); cognate with Norwegian krykkja, Danish krykke, German Krücke, Dutch kruk. See crook1


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British Dictionary definitions for crutch

/ (krʌtʃ) /


a long staff of wood or metal having a rest for the armpit, for supporting the weight of the body
something that supports or sustainsa crutch to the economy
British another word for crotch (def. 1)
  1. a forked support for a boom or oar, etc
  2. a brace for reinforcing the frames at the stern of a wooden vessel


(tr) to support or sustain (a person or thing) as with a crutch
Australian and NZ slang to clip (wool) from the hindquarters of a sheep

Word Origin for crutch

Old English crycc; related to Old High German krucka, Old Norse krykkja; see crosier, crook
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Medical definitions for crutch

[ krŭch ]


A staff or support used by a physically injured or disabled individual as an aid in walking, usually designed to fit under the armpit and often used in pairs.
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