[ krooz; Spanish krooth ]


  1. San Juan de la [sahn hwahn de lah]. John of the Cross, Saint.
  2. Juana I·nés de la [ee-, nes, de lah], 1651–95, Mexican nun, scholar, and poet.

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Example Sentences

There was so much to do — yet Cruz was away in the sunshine.

Cruz prides himself on his cleverness and his grasp of political tactics.

Despite Cruz declining to advance the narrative Hannity had set forth, though, Hannity wasn’t upset.

As first reported by Skift — and later confirmed by Cruz — the senator had initially been set to stay in Cancun for another two days.

Cruz landed back home in Texas almost exactly 24 hours after he departed, saying he was ready to take on the devastating winter storms that have left millions of Texans without power or safe drinking water and at least 30 dead in the state.

And similar shards of enthusiasm-killing kryptonite are lodged in John Kasich, Mike Pence and Ted Cruz.

Cruz is a co-sponsor of the bill, along with libertarian-minded Sen. Mike Lee.

When the former engaged in his drone filibuster, Cruz showed up in support; ditto for Paul when Cruz held an Obamacare filibuster.

“I believe that Senator Paul and Senator Leahy are probably working more closely together [than he is with Cruz],” Stafford said.

Sen. Ted Cruz, one of two Hispanic Republicans in the Senate, accused Democrats of “pigeonholing” minority candidates.

He inclosed it under a cover to the Marquis Santa Cruz, who had a villa in the neighbourhood.

In the midst of these meditations, the dungeon door opened, and Santa Cruz himself appeared on the threshold.

Santa Cruz embraced him, with more agitation than his stately mien might have announced.

Columbus, proceeding towards Cuba, named the headland Cabo de Cruz on this day.

Gunpowder explosion at Vera Cruz, by which several buildings were injured and 20 persons killed, mostly women.