[ krip-toh ]


, plural cryp·tos.
  1. a person who secretly supports or adheres to a group, party, or belief.


  1. secret or hidden; not publicly admitted:

    a crypto Nazi.


  1. a combining form meaning “hidden,” “secret,” used in the formation of compound words:




  1. secret, hidden, or concealed



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Word History and Origins

Origin of crypto1

First recorded in 1945–50; probably independent use of crypto-; -o

Origin of crypto2

Combining form representing Greek kryptós hidden. See crypt

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Word History and Origins

Origin of crypto1

New Latin, from Greek kruptos hidden, from kruptein to hide

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Example Sentences

Last year, Nigerians traded more than $400 million worth of cryptocurrency on major local crypto exchanges, and the country is only second to the US in terms of volume of bitcoin traded in the last five years.

Ultimately, investors and other industry watchers will be watching this closely to see if other corporations follow the lead of Tesla on this crypto path.

In recent memory, most of these startups play in the fintech and crypto-exchange space.

In short, for investors looking to have a good time or shoot the moon, meme stocks are a more fun place to be than crypto is.

So I bought a small mixed basket of crypto…and watched it start to go up.

From Fortune

No, not that Obama is a crypto-Muslim socialist who wants to destroy America.

However, such crypto-libertarianism is countered by a very strong belief in the need for government to provide a safety net.

Could this mean that every assistant manager at The Gap is a crypto-Muslim?

Many in the crypto-building community believe adding encryption to existing tools is likely to be the best answer.

The trouble is, crypto programs are still too hard for normal people to use.

So I knew that crypto would keep me safe from eavesdroppers, but I wasn't ready to deal with histograms.

I wasn't too worried about getting caught doing this, because I had good crypto on my side.

You can't tell who's passing Xnet packets by looking at the contents of those packets, thanks to crypto.

The problem is that if there's too much crypto in someone's Internet connection, they'll stand out as unusual.

Web of trust is one of those cool crypto things that I'd read about but never tried.