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  1. the phylum comprising the comb jellies.
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Origin of Ctenophora

< New Latin, neuter plural of ctenophorus ctenophore
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Historical Examples

  • They are exceedingly voracious, feeding chiefly on other Ctenophora, and often swallowing animals as large as themselves.

    The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide

    Augusta Foote Arnold

  • Ctenophora, body cylindrical, moving by means of many parallel rims of cilia set in longitudinal lines on the surface.

    The Ocean World:

    Louis Figuier

  • The Ctenophora developed later out of a branch of the latter.

  • The ovum of the Ctenophora is formed of an outer granular protoplasmic layer and an inner spongy mass with fatty spherules.

  • It is characteristic both of the Octocoralla and Hexacoralla, but is not found in the Ctenophora.