[kwah-dree-yuh, -dreel-yuh; Spanish kwah-three-lyah, -three-yah]

noun, plural cua·dril·las [kwah-dree-yuh z, -dreel-yuh z; Spanish kwah-three-lyahs, -three-yahs] /kwɑˈdri yəz, -ˈdril yəz; Spanish kwɑˈðri lyɑs, -ˈðri yɑs/.

the group of assistants serving a matador in a bullfight, consisting of three banderilleros and two picadors.

Origin of cuadrilla

1835–45; < Spanish: group, gang (orig. one of four groups), diminutive of cuadra < Latin quadra side of a square Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Historical Examples of cuadrilla

  • Certainly; he intends to join the Cuadrilla this evening at the ford of the Rubio.

    The Indian Scout

    Gustave Aimard

  • He went, about two hours back, to the camp of the Cuadrilla to bring help.

    The Indian Scout

    Gustave Aimard

  • The cuadrilla made a last charge for the purpose of disengaging the general.

    The Rebel Chief

    Gustave Aimard

  • Do not be frightened, I am not fond of chattering; how much do you offer me for my cuadrilla?

    The White Scalper

    Gustave Aimard

  • Help them, Senor Carson; help them, and my cuadrilla and I will be yours to command!

    The Wolf Cub

    Patrick Casey