or Cud·joe

[ kuhj-oh ]

  1. a male day name for Monday.: See under day name.

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How to use Cudjo in a sentence

  • He never allowed himself to be called master, for he said Cudjo was his brother, and not his slave.

  • Fortunately we found his rifle quite safe; and Cudjo drawing his knife, let the blood out of the animal in a scientific manner.

    The Desert Home | Mayne Reid
  • Cudjo seized the axe, while Mary hastened to the wagon to collect such ropes and cords as were in it.

    The Desert Home | Mayne Reid
  • I will answer for that—Cudjo could construct a log-cabin as well as the most renowned architect in the world.

    The Desert Home | Mayne Reid
  • While Cudjo was felling the timber and cutting it into logs of a proper length, none of the rest of us were idle.

    The Desert Home | Mayne Reid