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[kwey-vuh s; Spanish kwe-vahs]
  1. Jo·sé Luis [hoh-zey lwees; Spanish haw-se lwees] /hoʊˈzeɪ lwis; Spanish hɔˈsɛ lwis/, born 1934, Mexican painter, graphic artist, and illustrator.
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Historical Examples of cuevas

  • The attack on Father Cuevas occurred at a point where no trace of natives could be found.

    The Aboriginal Population of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California

    S. F. Cook

  • In the years following the Cuevas episode numerous expeditions were sent out which opened up the interior of California.

  • There was a round of suppressed laughter in the dark, for Seor de las Cuevas inspired all the sea-folk with profound respect.

    The Fourth Estate, vol.1

    Armando Palacio Valds

  • The old sailor greatly wished his ward to continue the uninterrupted course of the Cuevas with regard to a profession.

    The Fourth Estate, vol.1

    Armando Palacio Valds

  • The duke did not wish to rob the Seor de las Cuevas of the reparation due to him.

    The Fourth Estate, vol. 2

    Armando Palacio Valds