[ kuhf-ee ]


  1. Paul, 1759–1817, U.S. merchant, seaman, and philanthropist: advocated U.S. Black emigration to Africa.

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Example Sentences

Cuffe said he doesn’t believe there was something fishy about the 2020 election, but he acknowledged the bills he helped pass into law were influenced by voters like Hamilton.

Hamilton was speaking in favor of a Montana bill that Cuffe sponsored, part of a suite of six “election integrity” bills passed and signed into law last spring.

The suite of bills Cuffe helped pass in Montana, by definition, makes it more difficult to vote.

One of the boys, Paul Cuffe, became one of the most distinguished men of color Massachusetts has produced.

Every year recorded new achievements, until John Cuffe had a wide reputation for wealth, honesty, and intelligence.

Far nientes, sir; which is a nickname we give these siesta-gentry, you know, Captain Cuffe.

It was overheard by Cuffe, however, who just at that instant stepped into the gangway to make an examination for himself.

But Captain Cuffe knew this as well as his competitor, and had made his preparations accordingly.





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