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[ kuhld ]


  1. selected, either as desirable or undesirable, and removed from a larger group:

    A number of culled sows were condemned due to emaciation.

  2. subjected to or reduced by this process:

    In the aftermath of the avian flu outbreak, many poultry farmers made claims seeking compensation for culled flocks.

  3. gathered or collected:

    This “reinvention” theory of art resonates especially with artists whose work relies on culled or salvaged materials.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of cull ( def ).
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  • un·culled adjective
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Example Sentences

The mink industry, while angered by the proposed cull, signaled it would ultimately have few choices.

From Fortune

The government can’t pass an emergency bill on the mink cull without a three-quarters majority, meaning the opposition has the scope to block the plan.

From Fortune

Though there is little transmission to humans, the culls will put a further economic burden on the agriculture sectors as economic crises mount.

From Fortune

White-bread ISIS recruits, culled from the wastelands of Web 2.0, call that tidy division into terrible question.

Freeman never consented to the story; the newspaper culled its content from an MTV interview.

We are all used to on a current basis of animals being culled in the wild.

Her songs, which she cowrote with songwriter-producer Joel Little, are all culled from real-life experiences.

Here are six questions (and answers) culled from our conversation.

The following day he culled a log in another and distant skidway whose butt showed a slant of a good six inches.

The day following he culled another of the same sort on still another skidway.

Much of the substance of what we have written has been culled from the pages of that fascinating volume.

Dey is worsern jack-lanterns 'ticin' de culled fokses furder und furder into misery.

The facts respecting these three edifices have been culled from ancient parchments which would fill a large wheelbarrow.