culture area

  1. a region having a distinct pattern of culture.

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How to use culture area in a sentence

  • That a group of languages need not in the least correspond to a racial group or a culture area is easily demonstrated.

    Language | Edward Sapir
  • In Banawi, in the Quiangan culture area, a district having no public buildings, one can scarcely find a trace of skin eruption.

    The Bontoc Igorot | Albert Ernest Jenks
  • The carabao, hog, chicken, and dog are the only animals domesticated by the Igorot of the Bontoc culture area.

    The Bontoc Igorot | Albert Ernest Jenks
  • Throughout the Bontoc culture area Lu-ma′-wĭg is the one and only god of the people.

    The Bontoc Igorot | Albert Ernest Jenks
  • The custom of wife capture is fairly frequent, especially in the upper Agsan where the Manbo is within the Mandya culture area.

    The Manbos of Mindano | John M. Garvan