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culture hero

  1. a mythical or mythicized historical figure who embodies the aspirations or ideals of a society.
  2. a mythical figure considered by a people to have furnished it the means of existence or survival, as by inventing their alphabet, teaching them husbandry, or stealing fire from the gods for them.
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Historical Examples

  • He also acted as a "culture-hero," introducing the first arts.

    Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1

    Andrew Lang

  • Nuada of the Silver Hand is a culture-hero and a cunning craftsman.

  • The "culture-hero" thus seems to be a natural product of incipient civilization.

  • He once lived on earth, and there was a culture-hero, inventing magic and spells.

  • Pundjel, the Eagle Hawk, is the demiurge and "culture-hero" of several Australian tribes.