[ kwoh-moh ]


  1. Mario (Matthew), 1932–2015, U.S. political leader: governor of New York 1983–95.

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The sudden shift in fortunes for Cuomo, which has potentially clouded what looked to be an easy reelection campaign next year, comes as an abrupt turnabout for those who first encountered the governor during his daily news conferences.

All theaters that reopen will be required to meet “enhanced” ventilation standards, according to a press release from Cuomo’s office.

From Quartz

The covid-19 scandal is by far Cuomo's biggest vulnerability, with 55 percent of voters frustrated by it.

A reporter from Finger Lakes News Radio asked Cuomo at a briefing what he would say to New Yorkers who had lost family members following the March advisory.

The average rate, he added, had reached 75%—a level that Cuomo called “the maximum rate that these hospitals can get done.”

From Time

One of the kids had a ball in his hand, and Cuomo took it and tossed it back and forth to an eight year old.

At times, Mario Cuomo seemed to have the humility of a Jesuit and the goals of an emperor.

But the qualities Mario Cuomo brought to public life—compassion, integrity, commitment to principle—remain in short supply today.

A declaration of candidacy signed by Cuomo was in the trunk of his car.

For years, Cuomo gave me a hard time every time we crossed paths about whether I had cuffs or pleats.