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[koo-rahn-de-rah; English koo r-uh n-dair-uh]
noun, plural cu·ran·de·ras [koo-rahn-de-rahs; English koo r-uh n-dair-uh z] /ˌku rɑnˈdɛ rɑs; English ˌkʊər ənˈdɛər əz/. Spanish.
  1. a female folk healer or medicine woman who uses herbs or psychoactive plants, magic, and spiritualism to treat illness, induce visions, impart traditional wisdom, etc.; a female shaman.
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  • I myself am a 'curandera,' or healer, and I am on my way to see a man who is very ill.

    Blanco y Colorado

    William C. Tetley