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[ kyoor-ey-tid ]


  1. (of a museum, gallery, or similar collection) provided with expert oversight and direction by a professional curator:

    Richards focused on the use of light to bring to life the internal gallery spaces and their curated exhibits for the visitor.

  2. carefully gathered, sifted, chosen, and organized:

    The store carries cookware and appliances as well as a superbly curated selection of furniture, lamps, rugs, and other decor.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of curate ( def ).
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  • un·cur·at·ed adjective
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Example Sentences

What to do with data you’ve saved for personal useWhether you’re saving tagged photos of yourself from Facebook or building an impressively curated library of memes, the main thing to consider is redundancy.

Twitter will also be streaming the ceremony via its US Elections Hub, where it says it will share curated Moments, Lists and accounts to follow as well.

Except that it has learned to recognize images not from labeled examples in curated data sets, as most existing models do, but from images and their captions taken from the internet.

Most Saturdays we post a curated collection of our favorite articles from the week.

We commissioned five cartographers to create maps of Massachusetts using a curated data set provided by the map center.

Here is our carefully curated list of the top cities to visit in 2015.

His colleague at the British Museum, Dr. Jeremy Hill, who curated the 100 Objects book, opted for the word processor.

She wants to let the carefully curated pictures do the talking.

Jennifer Lawrence has long been praised for her authenticity in a Hollywood elite full of all-too-carefully curated personalities.

Campbell describes the books on his shelves as a “curated” collection.





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