[ kurch ]
/ kɜrtʃ /


a simple, close-fitting cap worn by women in colonial America.
a kerchief worn by Scottish women.

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Origin of curch

1400–50; late Middle English kerche, c(o)urche, back formation from courche(i)s (plural) < Middle French couvrech(i)es, plural of couvrechef kerchief; the final e of the singular form, orig. long, was later lost Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for curch

  • Some of these good women generally 'busk the bride's first curch.'

    Discipline|Mary Brunton
  • A ribbon worn by Scotch lassies and upon marriage replaced by the matron's "curch" or cap.

    Lady of the Lake|Sir Walter Scott
  • Curch, which is etymologically the same word, and means a covering for the head.

    The Lady of the Lake|Sir Walter Scott
  • It is then covered with the curch; a square piece of linen doubled diagonally, and passed round the head close to the forehead.

    Discipline|Mary Brunton

British Dictionary definitions for curch


/ (kɜːtʃ) /


a woman's plain cap or kerchiefAlso called: curchef

Word Origin for curch

C15: probably back formation from courcheis (plural), from Old French couvrechies, plural of couvrechef kerchief

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