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curling iron

or curling irons


  1. a rod, usually of metal, used when heated for curling the hair, which is twined around it.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of curling iron1

First recorded in 1625–35

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Example Sentences

When looking to add a curling iron to your hair styling tool collection, there are a few key factors to consider, starting with your hair type.

The most common materials for curling irons are ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and gold plating.

Titanium curling irons get hot fast, so they work best for thick hair that can withstand higher temperatures.

If your hair is above your shoulders, consider a smaller barrel so you’re able to curl enough hair around the curling iron.

The best curling iron for you will be easy to use, have multiple heat settings to accommodate your hair texture, prevent hair damage, and most importantly, leave your hair with shiny, healthy curls.

I had just gotten my braces off and was learning how to tame my hair with a curling iron.

Is it bad that I just said she burned her hand on her curling iron?

“Lindsay accidentally burned her hand on a curling iron right before we were shooting,” he says, before quickly catching himself.

So he strapped the lion down, and used a curling iron on his mane until he looked like a bearded bull of Babylon.

He had a can in one hand and a girls' curling iron in the other and a big greasy frying pan under one arm.

The tube prevents the curling iron from becoming black with soot.

The tube can be placed on the jet and removed with the curling iron.

I even found a curling iron—closely clasped by the bent nail upon which it had been hung on the log of a cabin—and a corset.





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