[ kur-uhn-see, kuhr- ]
/ ˈkɜr ən si, ˈkʌr- /
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noun, plural cur·ren·cies.
something that is used as a medium of exchange; money.
general acceptance; prevalence; vogue.
a time or period during which something is widely accepted and circulated.
the fact or quality of being widely accepted and circulated from person to person.
circulation, as of coin.
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Origin of currency

From the Medieval Latin word currentia, dating back to 1650–60. See current, -ency
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How to use currency in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for currency

/ (ˈkʌrənsɪ) /

noun plural -cies
a metal or paper medium of exchange that is in current use in a particular country
general acceptance or circulation; prevalencethe currency of ideas
the period of time during which something is valid, accepted, or in force
the act of being passed from person to person
Australian (formerly) the local medium of exchange, esp in the colonies, as distinct from sterling
Australian slang
  1. (formerly) the native-born Australians, as distinct from the British immigrants
  2. (as modifier)a currency lad

Word Origin for currency

C17: from Medieval Latin currentia, literally: a flowing, from Latin currere to run, flow
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Cultural definitions for currency


Any form of money in actual use as a medium of exchange.

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