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[ kur-ser ]


  1. Digital Technology. a movable, sometimes blinking, marker that indicates the position on a display screen where the next character entered from the keyboard will appear, or where user action is possible.
  2. a sliding object, as the lined glass on a slide rule, that can be set at any point on a scale.


/ ˈkɜːsə /


  1. the sliding part of a measuring instrument, esp a transparent sliding square on a slide rule
  2. any of various means, typically a flashing bar or underline, of identifying a particular position on a computer screen, such as the insertion point for text

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cursor1

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English in the earlier sense “runner, courier,” from Latin: literally, “runner, runner in a race, messenger, footman,” equivalent to cur(rere) “to run” + -sor, variant of -tor; cursor def 2 was first recorded in 1590–1600 and cursor def 1 in 1965–70; course, -tor

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Example Sentences

The more times the mouse sends this information, the smoother your cursor should move across the screen, whether you’re in the midst of intense game action or just moving around the menus.

Click once to establish a starting point and navigate your cursor around the object you want to select.

Here, you’ll be able to change the cursor size, color, and thickness as required.

To see more information about each goal type and some of the highlighted features each goal recommends, simply place your cursor over a goal.

Researchers began placing probes in the brains of paralyzed people in the late 1990s in order to show that signals could let them move robot arms or computer cursors.

Dora is seen getting dressed as a mermaid by a cursor being manned by some omniscient game player.

Hover over an area with your cursor to see the distance between where you are and the nearest clinic.

There is nothing so humbling as staring at a blinking cursor on a screen entitled “Inaugural Address.”

Do a video search and you instantly get a giant page of thumbnails—roll the cursor over one and it starts playing right there.

Users who find this behavior distracting may keep their mouse or cursor in text-free areas such a margin or scroll bar.

Hover the cursor over the underlined text and the nature of the correction will appear.

The light-spot cursor and joy-stick method replace the light pen in this case.

Hover the cursor over the marked text to view the original text.

Hover the cursor over the underlined text, and the nature of the correction will appear.


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