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[kuh-stoh-deez; Latin koo s-toh-des]
  1. plural of custos.
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[kuhs-tos; Latin koo s-tohs]
noun, plural cus·to·des [kuh-stoh-deez; Latin koo s-toh-des] /kʌˈstoʊ diz; Latin kʊsˈtoʊ dɛs/.
  1. (italics) Latin. a custodian.
  2. a superior in the Franciscan order.
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Origin of custos

1425–75; late Middle English < Medieval Latin

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

[kwis koo-stoh-dee-et ip-sohs koo-stoh-deys; English kwis kuh-stoh-dee-it ip-sohs kuh-stoh-deez]
  1. who shall keep watch over the guardians?
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Examples from the Web for custodes

Historical Examples

  • In those days they were called 'custodes,' chiefly I am afraid because they kept the rods.

    Old Picture Books

    Alfred W. Pollard

  • For mention of custodes in other dioceses, see Cookhill , Reg.

  • With these cases compare the appointment of custodes to the worldly Prioress of Easebourne in 1441.

  • Therefore you are custodes utriusque tabul, and must bend the force of all your government to the saving of the people's souls.

British Dictionary definitions for custodes

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  1. who will guard the guards?
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noun plural custodes (kʌˈstəʊdiːz)
  1. a superior in the Franciscan religious orderAlso called (in England): guardian
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Word Origin

C15: from Latin: keeper, guard
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