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/ ˈkʌstəmz /


  1. duty on imports or exports
  2. the government department responsible for the collection of these duties
  3. the part of a port, airport, frontier station, etc, where baggage and freight are examined for dutiable goods and contraband
  4. the procedure for examining baggage and freight, paying duty, etc
  5. ( as modifier )

    customs officer

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Example Sentences

By volume, customs data shows, Australian wine makes up roughly a quarter of all China’s wine imports.

From Fortune

I wave goodbye to customs, dash for the Mozambican side of the border, and the car is free.

From Ozy

A new automated system for the collection of customs duties and taxes on imported phones and other electronic devices in Cameroon is not being welcomed.

From Quartz

China’s top vaccine official mentioned front-line medical workers and customs officials when he first announced the program, implying these high-risk groups had been prioritized to receive the still-experimental vaccines.

From Vox

Last year’s accord gave Northern Ireland the same trade rules as the EU to avoid customs checks at the land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, a key part of the Good Friday Agreement two decades go that ended years of bloodshed.

From Fortune

“Times, people, and places have changed, along with different lifestyles and customs,” Maria says.

“The acts [are] at odds with morality and customs that are penalized by Dominican laws,” the letter also read.

They also hired an attorney and filed a federal tort claim against Customs and Border Protection for personal injury.

The aircraft stops once to clear South African customs, then flies on to Botswana.

Customs and Border Protection would prefer the term “humanitarian campaign.”

He alludes to it as one of their evil customs and used by them to produce insensibility.

What New France is, the nature of the country, what tribes inhabit it, and their customs.

You cannot all at once eradicate the deep-rooted customs and habits of any people, whoever they may be.

Most men in England agreed that such pleasant customs had been tolerated long enough.

The Spanish sailors were much interested in the strange customs and festivals of the brown people.


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