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  1. a person who cuts throats; murderer
  2. Also calledcut-throat razor a razor with a long blade that usually folds into the handle US namestraight razor


  1. bloodthirsty or murderous; cruel
  2. fierce or relentless in competition

    cut-throat prices

  3. (of some games) played by three people

    cut-throat poker

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Example Sentences

They're not about amassing medals, so much as engendering goodwill; less cut-throat competition, more track and fealty.

Fashion is vicious and cut throat—and if you really love it (and want to succeed) it can be downright maddening.

She holds a PhD in English and worked her way through the cut-throat art world.

"Tell the Rajah and his Chinese cut-throat that we'll have the pleasure of hanging them," was Carver's reply.

He, from his condemned cell, demanded justice for wronged innocence in the accents of a detected cut-throat.

This doubtless tended to eliminate cut-throat competition and thus stabilize the industry.

For labor the combination of cut-throat competition among employers with the new machine technique brought serious consequences.

To take up your abode in a little cut-throat hole like this and not to take the commonest precaution!