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[ kuht-uh-wey ]


  1. Also called cutaway coat. a man's formal daytime coat having the front portion of the skirt cut away from the waist so as to curve or slope to the tails at the back.
  2. Movies, Television.
    1. a switch from one scene to another for showing simultaneous or related action, creating suspense, etc.
    2. Also called cutaway shot. a shot that abruptly introduces content, scenery, etc., away from the central action.
  3. an illustration or scale model having the outer section removed to display the interior.


  1. having a part cut away, as an outer section of something being illustrated so that the inside may be shown.


/ ˈkʌtəˌweɪ /


  1. a man's coat cut diagonally from the front waist to the back of the knees
    1. a drawing or model of a machine, engine, etc, in which part of the casing is omitted to reveal the workings
    2. ( as modifier )

      a cutaway model

  2. films television a shot separate from the main action of a scene, to emphasize something or to show simultaneous events

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cutaway1

First recorded in 1835–45; adj., noun use of verb phrase cut away

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Example Sentences

Like the Radium Pro Signa, the WM3 also features cutaways for prescription eyeglasses.

Subtle cutaways at the temples also allow for compatibility with prescription glasses.

At the time, members of the diplomatic corps — practically all men — were expected to own a cutaway tailcoat and striped trousers for formal receptions.

Yet with one of the most crucial TV elements — cutaways to family members in the stands — a no-go, the network will need to find ways to re-create that in the United States.

This cutaway illustration shows the mechanical layout of the Lightning’s chassis.

The man stood before him in top-hat, a cutaway revealed through the folds of his fur coat.

The cutaway is made of a small piece of board, a cigar-box lid, an old yardstick or a piece of lath, which should be about 6 in.

He has on a cutaway suit—a relic of his first and last public concert before the war.

Her cutaway coat was buttoned tightly over a manly bosom, and her waist was not waspish.

He was not lucky enough to take after her in looks, except in her one weak feature, a cutaway chin.


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