[ kuht-doun ]
/ ˈkʌtˌdaʊn /
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Definition of cutdown

reduction; decrease; diminution: a cutdown in sales.
Surgery. the incision of a superficial vein in order to effect direct insertion of a catheter.
reduced in size.
abridged or condensed: They televised a cutdown version of the movie.
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Origin of cutdown

First recorded in 1885–90; noun use of verb phrase cut down
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How to use cutdown in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for cutdown

cut down

verb (adverb)
(tr) to fell
(when intr, often foll by on) to reduce or make a reduction (in)to cut down on drink
(tr) to remake (an old garment) in order to make a smaller one
(tr) to killhe was cut down in battle
cut a person down to size to reduce in importance or decrease the conceit of
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Medical definitions for cutdown

[ kŭtdoun′ ]

The incision of a vein to facilitate the insertion of a cannula or needle, as for the administration of intravenous medication.venostomy
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Other Idioms and Phrases with cutdown

cut down


Kill, as in The troops were cut down one by one as they crossed the field. [Early 1800s]


Also, cut down on. Reduce, decrease, as in I want to cut down my caffeine intake, or We have to cut down on our expenses. [Mid-1800s]


cut down to size; knock down to size. Reduce the self-importance of, humble, as in He's so arrogant—I wish someone would cut him down to size, or She really got knocked down to size when her class ranking slipped. [Early 1900s]

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