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adjective, cut·er, cut·est.
  1. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.
  2. appealing and delightful; charming: What a cute toy!
  3. affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms.
  4. mentally keen; clever; shrewd.
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  1. the cutes, Informal. self-consciously cute mannerisms or appeal; affected coyness: The young actress has a bad case of the cutes.
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  1. meet cute, Informal.
    1. (of a romantic couple) to meet for the first time in a charming or amusing way: In this type of movie the boy and girl always meet cute.
    2. Also meet-cute.a situation or occasion when potential romantic partners meet for the first time in a charming or amusing way: a classic Hollywood meet cute; his meet-cute with Jane in the bookstore.
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Origin of cute

First recorded in 1615–25; aphetic variant of acute
Related formscute·ly, adverbcute·ness, noun


noun, plural cu·tes [kyoo-teez] /ˈkyu tiz/, cu·tis·es.
  1. the true skin, consisting of the dermis and the epidermis.
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Origin of cutis

1595–1605; < Latin: skin; akin to Greek skŷtos hide2
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Related Words

fur, coating, crust, surface, jacket, husk, membrane, rind, bark, sheath, integument, parchment, film, hide, pelt, outside, slough, shell, peel, hull

British Dictionary definitions for cutes


  1. appealing or attractive, esp in a pretty way
  2. mainly US informal sexually attractive
  3. informal affecting cleverness or prettiness
  4. clever; shrewd
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Derived Formscutely, adverbcuteness, noun

Word Origin

C18 (in the sense: clever): shortened from acute


noun plural -tes (-tiːz) or -tises
  1. zoology a technical name for skin
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Word Origin

C17: from Latin: skin
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Word Origin and History for cutes



1731, "clever," shortening of acute; informal sense of "pretty" is 1834, American English student slang. Related: Cuteness.

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cutes in Medicine


n. pl. cu•tis•es
  1. Dermis.
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