[ kyoo-tin ]
/ ˈkyu tɪn /
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a transparent, waxy substance constituting, together with cellulose, the cuticle of plants.
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Origin of cutin

1860–65; <Latin cut(is) skin, cutis + -in2

Other definitions for cutin (2 of 2)

[ kuht-in ]
/ ˈkʌtˌɪn /

Movies. a still, as of a scene or an object, inserted in a film and interrupting the action or continuity: We will insert a cut-in of the letter as she reads it.
Radio and Television. a commercial or other announcement inserted by a local station into a network broadcast.
the act of cutting in, as on a dancing couple.

Origin of cut-in

First recorded in 1880–85; noun use of verb phrase cut in
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How to use cutin in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for cutin (1 of 2)

/ (ˈkjuːtɪn) /

a waxy waterproof substance, consisting of derivatives of fatty acids, that is the main constituent of the plant cuticle

Word Origin for cutin

C19: from Latin cutis skin + -in

British Dictionary definitions for cutin (2 of 2)

cut in

verb (adverb)
Also: cut into (intr often foll by on) to break in or interrupt
(intr) to interrupt a dancing couple to dance with one of them
(intr) (of a driver, motor vehicle, etc) to draw in front of another vehicle leaving too little space
(tr) informal to allow to have a share
(intr) to take the place of a person in a card game
noun cut-in
Also called: insert films a separate shot or scene inserted at a relevant point
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Scientific definitions for cutin

[ kyōōtn ]

A waxlike, water-repellent polyester consisting of fatty acids and aromatic compounds that occurs naturally in the walls of many plant cells. Cutin acts together with wax to form the cuticle, a barrier protecting the aboveground surfaces of plants from water loss and microbial attack.
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Other Idioms and Phrases with cutin

cut in


Move oneself between others, take a place ahead of one's proper turn. For example, She was very aggressive, always cutting in the cafeteria line. [Early 1600s]


Also, cut in on or into. Interrupt a conversation; also, interpose oneself between dancing partners and replace one of them. For example, Before Walter was done talking, Marion cut into his conversation, or Jane was quite pleased when Arthur cut in on their dance. [First half of 1800s]


Also, cut in on. Include in a profitable business deal or share of the profit, as in Do you want to be cut in on this deal? or We plan to cut you in on this moneymaker. [Slang; late 1800s]

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