[ sahy-ber-net-iks ]
/ ˌsaɪ bərˈnɛt ɪks /
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noun (used with a singular verb)
the study of automatic control and communication functions in both living organisms and mechanical and electronic systems, involving the application of statistical mechanics to feedback: During WW II, cybernetics was used to develop radar-controlled antiaircraft guns; today the field is working on prosthetic arms and legs linked directly to the human nervous system.
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Origin of cybernetics

From Greek kybernḗtēs “helmsman, steersman” (kybernē-, stem of kybernân “to steer” + -tēs agent suffix) + -ics; term introduced by Norbert Wiener in 1948

OTHER WORDS FROM cybernetics

cy·ber·net·ic, cy·ber·net·i·cal, adjectivecy·ber·net·i·cist, cy·ber·ne·ti·cian [sahy-ber-ni-tish-uhn], /ˌsaɪ bər nɪˈtɪʃ ən/, noun
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How to use cybernetics in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for cybernetics

/ (ˌsaɪbəˈnɛtɪks) /

(functioning as singular) the branch of science concerned with control systems in electronic and mechanical devices and the extent to which useful comparisons can be made between man-made and biological systemsSee also feedback (def. 1)

Derived forms of cybernetics

cybernetic, adjectivecyberneticist, noun

Word Origin for cybernetics

C20: from Greek kubernētēs steersman, from kubernan to steer, control
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Scientific definitions for cybernetics

[ sī′bər-nĕtĭks ]

The scientific study of communication and control processes in biological, mechanical, and electronic systems. Research in cybernetics often involves the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems.
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Cultural definitions for cybernetics

[ (seye-buhr-net-iks) ]

The general study of control and communication systems in living organisms and machines, especially the mathematical analysis of the flow of information. The term cybernetics was coined by Norbert Wiener, an American mathematician of the twentieth century.

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