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[si-mey-shee-uh m, sahy-]
noun, plural cy·ma·ti·a [si-mey-shee-uh, sahy-] /sɪˈmeɪ ʃi ə, saɪ-/. Architecture.
  1. the uppermost member of a classical cornice or of a cornice of similar form: usually a cyma recta in classical examples.Compare sima2
  2. echinus(def 2c).
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Origin of cymatium

1555–65; < Latin < Greek kȳmátion, equivalent to kȳmat- (stem of kŷma wave; see cyma) + -ion diminutive suffix
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Historical Examples

  • The cymatium here is one sixth of the whole height of this part.

    Ten Books on Architecture


  • The style of carving of the cymatium with its astragal should be the Lesbian.

  • Let the rest, excluding the cymatium, be divided into twelve parts.

  • The cymatium of the architrave should be one seventh of the height of the whole architrave, and its projection the same.

  • Its cymatium is one seventh of the whole height of the frieze, and the projection of the cymatium is the same as its height.

British Dictionary definitions for cymatium


noun plural -tia (-tɪə, -ʃɪə)
  1. architect the top moulding of a classical cornice or entablature
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Word Origin

C16: see cyma
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