cypress knee

  1. one of the woody growths that project above water from the roots of the bald cypress.

Origin of cypress knee

An Americanism dating back to 1775–85

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How to use cypress knee in a sentence

  • He was about five feet seven, but as tough as a cypress knee.

    Roads of Destiny | O. Henry
  • Now the problem of getting both the boy's legs on one side of the cypress knee was presented to them.

  • They saw Tad sitting on a cypress knee, gazing down into the black pool, a satisfied grin on his face.

  • Lilly now grabbed one of the truant feet, jerking it over to the other side of the cypress knee against its mate.

  • The bullet extracted from the cypress knee, has been tried in the barrel of his gun, and found to fit exactly.

    The Death Shot | Mayne Reid