[ si-ril-ik ]

  1. noting or pertaining to a script derived from Greek uncials and traditionally supposed to have been invented by St. Cyril, first used for the writing of Old Church Slavonic and adopted with minor modifications for the writing of Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and some non-Slavic languages of Central Asia.

  2. of or relating to St. Cyril.

  1. Cyrillic script.

Origin of Cyrillic

1835–45; <New Latin Cyrillicus, equivalent to Cyrill(us) Saint Cyril + -icus-ic

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How to use Cyrillic in a sentence

  • Down the highway, large letters shaped out of concrete or metal letters spelled out Donetsk in Cyrillic letters.

  • I promised, took the pencil and wrote my name very large in Cyrillic; he was delighted, and everyone came to see.

    Through the Land of the Serb | Mary Edith Durham
  • But, whereas the original drawing has been labeled entirely in Cyrillic characters, these labels were now in English.

    The Foreign Hand Tie | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • Which meant that everything was jim-dandy as long as the wiring diagrams were labeled in the Cyrillic alphabet.

    The Foreign Hand Tie | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • The fifth was hand-lettered in the Cyrillic alphabet and illustrated with geometric diagrams.

    Special Delivery | Damon Francis Knight

British Dictionary definitions for Cyrillic


/ (sɪˈrɪlɪk) /

  1. denoting or relating to the alphabet derived from that of the Greeks, supposedly by Saint Cyril, for the writing of Slavonic languages: now used primarily for Russian, Bulgarian, and Serbian

  1. this alphabet

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