[ dak-er, dah-ker ]

verb (used without object)Scot. and North England.
  1. to totter or stagger.

  2. to waver or shake.

  1. to saunter; move slowly or idly.

  2. to vacillate; act irresolutely or indecisively.

Origin of dacker

1625–35; perhaps <early Dutch daeckeren to flutter, vibrate, Middle Dutch dakeren to wave, flutter

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How to use dacker in a sentence

  • Whereupon Finn told them the whole story of the Gilla dacker's doings from beginning to end.

  • It was now many days since Dermat had left them, and they marvelled much that he did not return with tidings of the Gilla dacker.

  • "The Pursuit of the Gilla dacker and his horse" is a humorous story, of which only a few incidents are given here.

  • Then Foltlebar at once found the tracks of the Gilla dacker and his horse.

  • Whereupon the Gilla dacker was taken into service among the warriors for a year.