[ daf-uh-dil ]
/ ˈdæf ə dɪl /


a bulbous plant, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, of the amaryllis family, having solitary, yellow, nodding flowers that bloom in the spring.
(formerly) any plant of the genus Narcissus.
clear yellow; canary.


of the color daffodil.

Origin of daffodil

1530–40; unexplained variant of Middle English affodile < Vulgar Latin affodillus, variant of asphodelus < Greek asphódelos asphodel
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/ (ˈdæfədɪl) /


Also called: Lent lily a widely cultivated Eurasian amaryllidaceous plant, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, having spring-blooming yellow flowers
any other plant of the genus Narcissus
  1. a brilliant yellow colour
  2. (as adjective)daffodil paint
a daffodil, or a representation of one, as a national emblem of Wales

Word Origin for daffodil

C14: from Dutch de affodil the asphodel, from Medieval Latin affodillus, variant of Latin asphodelus asphodel
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Word Origin and History for daffodil



1540s, variant of Middle English affodill "asphodel" (c.1400), from Medieval Latin affodillus, from Latin asphodelus, from Greek asphodelos, of unknown origin. The initial d- is perhaps from merging of the article in Dutch de affodil, the Netherlands being a source for bulbs. First reference to the flower we know by this name (Narcissus pseudo-Narcissus) is from 1590s.

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