[dam-ahr, -er, duh-mahr]


or dam·ar, dam·mer

[dam-ahr, -er, duh-mahr]
  1. Also called gum dammar. a copallike resin derived largely from dipterocarpaceous trees of southern Asia, especially Malaya and Sumatra, and used chiefly for making colorless varnish.
  2. any of various similar resins from trees of other families.

Origin of dammar

First recorded in 1690–1700, dammar is from the Malay word damar
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Examples from the Web for damar

Historical Examples of damar

  • They brought with them beeswax, damar, honey, or rattans to exchange for those things.

  • Damar varnish is forced upon the marbler, so there is little wonder if many prefer to leave the work as it is without varnishing.

    Graining and Marbling

    Frederick Maire

  • Abstain from the use of zinc white or damar varnish altogether.

  • The false move made by Dr. Damar Greefe had advanced the inquiry further than any unaided endeavors of mine could well have done.

  • Respecting the identity of my would-be assassin there was little room for doubt; he was the black servant of Dr. Damar Greefe.

British Dictionary definitions for damar


  1. a variant spelling of dammar


damar or dammer

  1. any of various resins obtained from SE Asian trees, esp of the genera Agathis (conifers) and Shorea (family Dipterocarpaceae): used for varnishes, lacquers, bases for oil paints, etc

Word Origin for dammar

C17: from Malay damar resin
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