[dam-uh-seen, dam-uh-seen]
  1. an inhabitant of Damascus.
  2. (lowercase) work or patterns produced by damascening.
verb (used with object), Dam·a·scened, Dam·a·scen·ing.
  1. (lowercase) Also dam·a·skeen [dam-uh-skeen, dam-uh-skeen] /ˈdæm əˌskin, ˌdæm əˈskin/. to produce wavy lines on (Damascus steel).

Origin of Damascene

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin Damascēnus of Damascus < Greek Damaskēnós, equivalent to Damask(ós) Damascus + -ēnos -ene
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Examples from the Web for damascened

Historical Examples of damascened

  • It was encrusted and damascened over with the rust of ocean.

  • She wore the costume we just now described; but she held in her hand a rifle, damascened with silver.

  • His strangely patterned back was almost black, yet brilliant, like some kinds of damascened steel.

    The Haunters of the Silences

    Charles G. D. Roberts

  • The hilt was studded with gems, and the blade, which had a cutting edge, was damascened in blue and gold.

  • The iron blades were cunningly ornamented with damascened copper, and the hilts artistically inlaid with the same metal.

    The Negro

    W.E.B. Du Bois

British Dictionary definitions for damascened


  1. of or relating to Damascus
  1. a native or inhabitant of Damascus
  2. a variety of domestic fancy pigeon with silvery plumage


  1. (tr) to ornament (metal, esp steel) by etching or by inlaying, usually with gold or silver
  1. a design or article produced by this process
  1. of or relating to this process

Word Origin for damascene

C14: from Latin damascēnus of Damascus
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