a person who is exceptionally stupid or foolish.


Also dam·fool·ish [dam-foo-lish] /ˈdæmˈfu lɪʃ/. extraordinarily stupid or foolish.

Origin of damfool

1880–85; alteration of damned fool or foolish
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Examples from the Web for damfool

Historical Examples of damfool

  • Half the damfool people in the world stick a pillow under a fainting woman's shoulders.

    The Case of Jennie Brice

    Mary Roberts Rinehart

  • We all told him to cut it out, because he was sure to do some damfool thing if he didn't.

    The Fighting Chance

    Robert W. Chambers

  • "One of her damfool jokes," muttered the old man, as he shuffled toward the door of the locked room.

    The Diamond Pin

    Carolyn Wells

  • You'd think it was Martha's and yours and that damfool medic's.

    Death of a Spaceman

    Walter M. Miller

  • "If I land there you can ask for a damfool—and I'll answer the first time," laughed the holdup over his shoulder.

    Desert Conquest

    A. M. Chisholm