[dam-nuh-buh l]


worthy of condemnation.
detestable, abominable, or outrageous.

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Origin of damnable

1275–1325; Middle English dam(p)nable < Middle French damnable < Late Latin damnābilis, equivalent to Latin damn(āre) (see damn) + -ābilis -able

Related formsdam·na·ble·ness, dam·na·bil·i·ty, noundam·na·bly, adverb

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execrable; detestable
liable to or deserving damnation
Derived Formsdamnableness or damnability, noun

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Word Origin and History for damnable



mid-14c., from Old French damnable or directly from Late Latin damnabilis, from Latin damnare (see damn). Related: Damnably.

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