Damon and Pythias

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plural noun Greek Legend.
two friends whose mutual loyalty was shown by Damon's offer of his life as pledge that Pythias would return from settling his affairs to be executed for rebelling against Dionysius: Pythias returned, and Dionysius relented and pardoned them both.
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British Dictionary definitions for Damon and Pythias

Damon and Pythias
/ (ˈdeɪmən) /

classical myth two friends noted for their mutual loyalty. Damon offered himself as a hostage for Pythias, who was to be executed for treason by Dionysius of Syracuse. When Pythias returned to save his friend's life, he was pardoned
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Cultural definitions for Damon and Pythias

Damon and Pythias
[ (day-muhn; pith-ee-uhs) ]

In a Greek legend, two friends who were enormously loyal to each other. When the tyrannical ruler of their city condemned Pythias to death, Pythias pleaded for time to go home and put his affairs in order. Damon agreed to stay and die in place of Pythias if Pythias did not return by the time of the execution. Pythias was delayed, and Damon prepared to be executed. Pythias arrived just in time to save Damon. The ruler was so impressed by their friendship that he let them both live.

notes for Damon and Pythias

Damon and Pythias symbolize devotion between friends.
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