[ deyn-law ]
/ ˈdeɪnˌlɔ /


the body of laws in force in the northeast of England where the Danes settled in the 9th century a.d.
the part of England under this law.
Also Dane·la·ge [deyn-lah-guh, dah-nuh-lah-guh] /ˈdeɪnˌlɑ gə, ˌdɑ nəˈlɑ gə/, Dane·lagh [deyn-law] /ˈdeɪnˌlɔ/.

Origin of Danelaw

before 1050; Middle English Dane-lawe, earlier Dene-lawe, Old English Dena lagu. See Dane, law1
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/ (ˈdeɪnˌlɔː) /


the northern, central and eastern parts of Anglo-Saxon England in which Danish law and custom were observed

Word Origin for Danelaw

Old English Dena lagu Danes' law; term revived in the 19th century
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