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[ dang ]

verb (used with object)

  1. damn (used euphemistically).


/ dæŋ /


  1. a euphemistic word for damn damn damn damn

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dang1

First recorded in 1780–90

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Example Sentences

When to take a bathListen, you can take a bath whenever you dang please.

A lot of the big names in gaming all have Netflix-style on-demand games services now, and they’re actually pretty dang solid.

A snack to soothe their sorrowsHonestly, you can buy any chocolate you dang please for your stressed out friend.

“I was intending to make something resembling a traditional tortilla soup,” said Whitney Reynolds of Brooklyn, describing the invention of their house meal, “but then dang it if I didn’t buy the wrong kind of tortillas!”

From Eater

After the FDA opened the gates for masks from China, later reversing course as junk masks ended up in health care settings, it became pretty dang hard to tell what was what.

Paul Dang shows off his incredible yo-yo skills and—perhaps more impressively—rocks a sweet baby blue jacket.

They've had so dang much strenuosity all their lives, and then the climate's against violent effort, either mental or physical.

Well, then, if the public wunt bear it, dang me if I can see why individles shud bear it.

Then the bedmakers began to arrive, chatting to each other pleasantly, and he could hear Ansell's bedmaker say, "Oh dang!"

Bill said that we would sleep "dash-dang" close to the trail after this, so we soon found a large log to build a fire against.

But they neither got advantage nor honour; for they dang the slates off houses, but neither slew man nor did harm to any wall.


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