[ dan-ee ]


  1. a male given name, form of Daniel.


/ ˈdænɪ /


  1. dialect.
    the hand (used esp when addressing children)
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Word History and Origins

Origin of Danny1

probably from dandy, childish pronunciation of hand
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Example Sentences

The whole team was aboard for this recording, with Grace and Chris behind the scenes, and Danny, Alex and Natasha on the mics.

Natasha and Danny and Alex and Chris got together to chat through the week’s biggest news.

Danny, 19, escaped from his house because he could not be who he is.

This week we — Natasha and Danny and Alex and Grace — had a lot to get through, as the news volume in early 2021 has been rapid and serious.

Myself, along with Danny and Natasha had a lot to get through, and more to say than expected.

“My heart is still with that kid like you cannot believe,” he writes of Danny.

From a writing standpoint, having written the Mindy and Danny storyline, do you have any idea why TV is a place that suits this?

I heard about his death from a comedian friend, and got the specifics from my brother Danny.

Danny Trejo (Machette, Bad Ass) could serve you tacos from a food truck.

With neck tattoos and full sleeves, Levine looks more like Danny Trejo than the Dalai Lama.

But Danny was of late becoming foolishly obstinate in his sprees, and less disposed to "git" when a landlord had done with him.

Danny knew this—none better; but he had been treated with too much latitude, and rushed to his destruction.

"As it is you and Danny had better be by yourselves awhile," asserted Josie.

But they finally made it up between em I didn't have no last name, and they'd jest call me Danny.

But another woman speaks up and says Danny must of been playing with them while Elmira was over town.