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Definition of dap

verb (used without object), dapped, dap·ping.
to fish by letting the bait fall lightly on the water.
to dip lightly or suddenly into water: The bird dapped for the fish.
to bounce or skip, as on the surface of a body of water: The stone dapped along the surface of the pond.
verb (used with object), dapped, dap·ping.
Carpentry. a notch in a timber for receiving part of another timber.
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Origin of dap

First recorded in 1575–85; probably variant of dab1

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[ dap ]
/ dæp /

a stylized gesture of greeting, congratulation, or solidarity in which two people join hands in a nontraditional handshake grip, bump fists, snap fingers, etc., often concluding with a one-armed hug: players giving dap and high-fives to fans after the game.
verb (used with or without object)
to greet, congratulate, or express solidarity with (a person) in this way (often followed by up): When an old friend got assigned to my project at work, it was hard to know whether we should dap or shake hands. Hey man, I haven’t seen you in ages—come over here and dap me up!

Origin of dap

First recorded in 1970–75; originally African American Vernacular English and used by African American soldiers during the Vietnam War; further origin uncertain; perhaps a variant of dab1 or tap1
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/ (dæp) /

verb daps, dapping or dapped
angling to fish with a natural or artificial fly on a floss silk line so that the wind makes the fly bob on and off the surface of the water
(intr) (as of a bird) to dip lightly into water
to bounce or cause to bounce

Word Origin for dap

C17: of imitative origin

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/ (dæp) /

Southwest English dialect another word for plimsoll

Word Origin for dap

C20: probably special use of dap 1 (in the sense: to bounce, skip)

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/ computing /

abbreviation for
distributed array processor
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