/ dɑːts /


  1. functioning as singular any of various competitive games in which darts are thrown at a dartboard

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Example Sentences

The exhibition darts in and out of the history of various train journeys and the links they developed between cultures.

The bell rang, and the kid charged, fists flying out like misdirected darts; he wanted to kill the old fool.

Mike Tyson is famous for a lot of things, but is his next endeavor professional darts?

It sold more than 4,100 Fiat 500s and 5,235 Dodge Darts—two recent introductions.

At that point, the partner officer used the Taser in “contact mode,” which means it did not deploy the darts.

It darts hither and thither, angrily contending with the surrounding darkness.

It may be we have been struck with one of fortune's darts; we can scarce be civil, so cruelly is our spirit tossed.

Nothing seems more useless than this thorn with its darts as sharp as steel,—does it, mother?

Caroline darts a viper-like glance at Adolphe, who recoils and proceeds to walk up and down the room.

They who shoot with their darts across the sea with might; with the Maruts come hither, O Agni!