a mean, sneaking coward.


of or befitting a dastard; mean, sneaky, and cowardly.

Origin of dastard

1400–50; late Middle English < ?.
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Related Words for dastard

poltroon, sneak, wimp, recreant, chicken, craven, cad

British Dictionary definitions for dastard



archaic a contemptible sneaking coward

Word Origin for dastard

C15 (in the sense: dullard): probably from Old Norse dæstr exhausted, out of breath
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Word Origin and History for dastard

mid-15c., "one who is lazy or dull;" an English formation on a French model, probably from *dast, "dazed," past participle of dasen "to daze" (see daze (v.)) + deprecatory suffix -ard. Meaning "one who shirks from danger" is late 15c.

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