[ das-ee-yoo r ]
/ ˈdæs iˌyʊər /


any of several nocturnal, carnivorous marsupials of the genus Dasyurus and related genera, of Australia, Tasmania, and nearby islands, typically having a reddish or olive-brown coat marked with white spots.
Also called ursine dasyure. any of several related animals, as the Tasmanian devil.

Origin of dasyure

1830–40; < New Latin Dasyurus name of the genus < Greek dasy- dasy- + -ouros -tailed, adj. derivative of ourá tail

Related forms

das·y·u·rine [das-i-yoo r-ahyn, -in] /ˌdæs ɪˈyʊər aɪn, -ɪn/, adjectivedas·y·u·roid, adjective, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for dasyure


/ (ˈdæsɪˌjʊə) /


any small carnivorous marsupial, such as Dasyurus quoll (eastern dasyure), of the subfamily Dasyurinae, of Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islandsSee also Tasmanian devil

Word Origin for dasyure

C19: from New Latin Dasyūrus, from Greek dasus shaggy + oura tail; see dense
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