[ daw-ter ]
/ ˈdɔ tər /


a female child or person in relation to her parents.
any female descendant.
a person related as if by the ties binding daughter to parent: daughter of the church.
anything personified as female and considered with respect to its origin: The United States is the daughter of the 13 colonies.
Chemistry, Physics. an isotope formed by radioactive decay of another isotope.


Biology. pertaining to a cell or other structure arising from division or replication: daughter cell; daughter DNA.

Origin of daughter

before 950; Middle English doughter, Old English dohtor; cognate with German Tochter, Greek thygátēr, Sanskrit duhitā


daugh·ter·less, adjectivedaugh·ter·like, adjective
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/ (ˈdɔːtə) /


a female offspring; a girl or woman in relation to her parents
a female descendant
a female from a certain country, etc, or one closely connected with a certain environment, etca daughter of the church Related adjective: filial
(often capital) archaic a form of address for a girl or woman


biology denoting a cell or unicellular organism produced by the division of one of its own kind
physics (of a nuclide) formed from another nuclide by radioactive decay

Derived forms of daughter

Word Origin for daughter

Old English dohtor; related to Old High German tohter daughter, Greek thugatēr, Sanskrit duhitá
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