[ deyv ]


  1. a male given name, form of David.

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Example Sentences

Some of them were freshmen that spent a brief amount of time with Dave.

Dave was a good friend, a good teammate, and he looked out for people, especially his brothers.

Dave was exceptionally committed and determined to bring a winner to Jacksonville, but unfortunately his efforts were not rewarded with the results our fans deserve and our organization expects.

The soldier that had just seen his best friend blown up, Dave could sit with him for an hour and get his brain to no longer be triggered by the memory.

I will admit that I understand it less now than I did the night I met Dave.

Their leader, Njie, still going by “Dave” during the operation, would stay a safe distance away until the State House was secure.

And finally, they meet Un (Randall Park), who appears to be nothing but genial and fun-loving—especially to Dave.

The many great versions include Keith Richards and Dave Edmunds.

RAWIYA: Like you, I've been turning to Dave Chappelle for both levity and affirmation.

Blacks are quite aware of privilege, Dave Chapelle has a bit about it from 2000.

We can buy some green corn of Dave, and he will let us pull his lobster-pots and charge us only five cents for each lobster.

“Then you want to look out,” said Dave, and took himself off into his house, leaving the boys to themselves.

You can see that Dave Bushnell's invention was a very neat one; but, for all that, luck went against it.

Dave Keeney, what boasts he's the best whalin' skipper out o' Homeport, comin' back with a measly four hundred barrel of ile!

Caliban led the way with young Dave, and Hale walked side by side with them while Bob was escort for the other two.





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